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    I am very confused on the Web OS Quick Install? Do I need to pay for this? and if I want additional apps from the homebrew area do I need WO QI?

    I have been reading the forums for a week and noone ever explains how to do this. I am a Mac user so I don't know if this makes a difference?

    I am really trying to add things to my Pre and love it as I am a recovering blackberry user.

    So the only thing I have done is attach my pre with the usb and added my itunes music to my pre. I have done no other uploads. My pre is updated with 1.2.1

    Thanks for everyone who can put themselves in my shoes
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    WebOs Quickinstall is a great program for adding Homebrew and tweaks to your Pre. It is a free program (although I donated to keep the creative juices alive for the creator!)

    You don't NEED QI to install, but I find it much easier and more versatile. I have Windows Vista, not Mac, so I'm not as well-versed in that platform. HOWEVER, I would certainly give it a try.

    Welcome to the community -
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    Thanks for the input. I have gone to the web os qi and it does say donation and won't let me just download it. What is the donation for? I think its mandatory to donate and will if this is going to help my pre experience? thanks.
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    WebOS Quick Install (aka WOSQI) is free, no donation required, but once you get it working properly and enjoy its benefits, the noble thing to do is to make a donation (like I did).

    I figured I'd take the time to write this all out so that I can point other users here in the future. Ok here we go...

    Follow these steps (for PC but I'm sure you can figure this out for Mac) to get yourself up and running...
    1) Go here and click the blue download button to get the latest Java installed on your computer
    2) Go here to get WebOSDoctor. This download is actually a ".zip" file. Once the download is complete rename the entire file to
    Never open or run this file unless your Pre has become totally screwed up. This file is essentially a recovery file to restore your Pre if anything goes bad.
    3) Go here to get WOSQI
    4) Move WebOSDoctor.jar and WebOSQuickInstall.jar to the same location on your computer
    5) With your Pre disconnected from your computer, make sure your Pre is in card view (easiest way to know this is to close all apps that might currently be open). Now start typing the following code on your Pre keyboard
    6) The code you just entered allows you to activate Dev Mode (which will then require you to reboot your Pre). Do this now.
    7) Once your Pre reboots, connect it to your computer via USB cable and choose Just Charge on the Pre.
    8) Now open WOSQI. To do this, double-click (open) the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file (it is able to open now because of the Java you installed earlier)(and your computer is able to recognize that your Pre is connected because you activated Dev Mode)
    9) Explore WOSQI and see all of the apps and tweaks it gives you the ability to install. One tweak you should definitely install is the Dev Mode tweak which makes it so that you never have to type that long code again.
    10) Anyway, after you install all the apps and tweaks you want via WOSQI, make sure you deactivate Dev Mode for security reasons.
    11) Go here if you have any further questions AND READ THE ENTIRE FIRST PAGE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apollosministry View Post
    Do I need to pay for this?
    It sounds like you've got answers already, but I want to add my $0.02 to this part of your post.

    As people have said, no donation is required. In fact they're not even requested by the developer. The most he's done is a single line about feel free to donate if you'd like with a link to paypal.

    However, WebOSQuickInstall is the only desktop application that allows people to get into using homebrew software without ever having to look at a linux command line, and as such, has become a cornerstone of the homebrew community.

    Use the program, and if you feel like I do, then donate, and donate according to what you really think it's worth.

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