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    I saw the zlib package in Preware & was wondering if we could use that to create system backups? A few weeks ago i was trying to get tar or zip, but they would not let me exclude directories. I was looking up information on zlib (seems kinda complicated -- at least in comparision to how tar & zip typically work by command line) & thought maybe we could use this. Maybe the first step would be getting it to work through Terminal, then, if possible, make a simple GUI with a button for backup / updating changed files (thought i saw this when i was reading through the info). If anyone knows about this it would be great. I haven't been able to get too deep into it because of school work, but hopefully i can get another look tonight / tomorrow.

    ~Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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    I have compressed a directory on the Pre using Tar and gzip, you need to make the partition read/write using the mount command. then you just use:

    tar cvf NameofFile.tar /dir/you/want/to/compress/

    This creates NameofFile.tar Then zip it up using
    gzip NameofFile.tar
    creates NameofFile.tar.gz

    Then I personally use Rsync to back up my Pre files. For more on this check out the post

    Using Rsync To Do a Complete Backup of Your Pre

    Hope this helps
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    Yeah, I knew how to do a specific directory, I was hoping to get a way to do everything (minus proc, sys, & /media/internal) to have coplete backups instead of picking & choosing. I know it's pretty overkill, but I was really just curious if it could be done. I saw that rSync post too. Makes me want to set mine back up.

    ~Thanks for the info
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    You can exclude files with rsync and grab the entire directory structure if you like. This is what I use:

    rsync -e ssh -HlptgoDPSarv --exclude=/sys --exclude=/proc --force --delete --del --stats . name@internet.rysnc.server:/directory/to/backup/
    Essentially, I'm using SSH to create a tunnel to a server I have running rsync, through which I send the entire Palm structure minus the exclusions noted.
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    Thanks for posting your exact command. I know i have mine saved somewhere, but i forget where. I'm just curious: Do you leave the rsync daemon running on your Pre or shut it down after every sync?
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    I dont like setting up rsync server on the pre, I prefer to set up ssh on another computer and use rsync over ssh to back up. if you put rsync server on your phone you might forget to shut it down after every use. leaving it running makes you pre less security. Anyone can then get on there and get all your content. with rsync over ssh you dont have to worry about this.

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