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    I'm not sure if this is even possible, or how hard it would be to do if it is, but with the playstation 3 being controlled via bluetooth, would someone be albe to make a webos app that can control the blu-ray player on a ps3?

    I'm currently usinng a harmony 880 remote to control most of my home theater, but without a $40 dongle or a $25 ps3 remote from sony. Also, as a pre app I was thinking it could also work as a bluetooth keyboard or touchscreen mouse for other apps on the ps3.

    this would definitely be an app i'd be willing to pay more for than most. But I doubt palm would be able to put it in the official catalog without sonys permission.

    I'd appreciate it if some of the brilliant minds that have develpoed many of these homebrew apps so far would be able to give me some idea on whether or not this could happen.
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    It's possible to do it but Sony would definitely need to allow permission to make an app like this.
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