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    I searched for distribution lists and came up empty as well as multiple contacts for email.

    EAS won't allow you to setup a distribution list that you can access from the PRE. I stumbled upon this feature in gmail.

    I named a contact after one of my grade levels

    then put all the emails in the email field

    separate email addresses by a semicolon and I now have a distribution list via gmail.
    I am now able to setup as many lists as I want. I currently have my EAS lists by grade levels and whole staff and I can now email with a click of a button. I don't know the email name limit yet. Still have many more list to setup in gmail.

    This is something I have been needing since my Treo days!
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    well my pre does it with no problem what u do is u put the email address in there from the person u wanna send it to hit the enter button or that enter arrow looking botton right besides the email address put in field and then the first email is put in like in a highlighted filed now u press back on the email adress field and put the next one in there and do it all over thats it
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    dante that works but you have to manually insert each receipient into the 'to' field.

    The OP is talking about a clever work-around to the fact that the Pre email cliend doesn't have a native way to create distribution lists or groups.
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    The answer is finally here!!!

    Mail Lists

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