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    Hey guys, sorry to kind of double post, but I'm basically looking for a way to bookmark something that looks exactly like this:

    javascriptfunction(){var%20d=top.document;if(d.getElementById('rf7')){srf7();return;}srf7=function(){};functio n%20l(s,c){var%20n=d.createElement('script');'rf7';n.src=s;var%20b=d.getElementsByTagName('body ')[0];if(b!=null)b.appendChild(n);else%20d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(n);if(n.addEventListener)n.addEventListener('load',c,0);else%20n.onreadystatechange=fun ction(){;};};var%20c=function(){srf7();};var%20s=l('',$c$);}())

    (It's basically the way to call up the roboform online window. -To automatically enter passwords and such. If you haven't heard of it, it's free and apparently it works well, just have to figure out how to bookmark this string.)

    I've tried copy and pasting the code into the "address" portion of a bookmark, but the address won't stick. (I'm assuming it's because it's not properly formatted as a "web address"). Does anyone know how to do this? It can't be that hard!

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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    Any help on this would be appreciated here as well.. I was able to save the Bookmarklet code by copying and pasting the link from Roboform into a new bookmark -- but attempting to launch the bookmarklet just ends up with a spinning circle down in the lower right of the browser. If I click on a link on a webpage that has the bookmarklet on it, the proper thing happens (Roboform's form filler pops up in the middle of the screen)

    So the question is, can bookmarklets be bookmarked in WebOS?

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    Tried to get the login bookmarlekt working, but without any success. Copying the code to a bookmark resulted in the same problem you observe. Nothing happens basically. After that, I tried to get a better understanding of the inner workings of the browser. The App itself is Java + CSS + HTML, so I tried to include the code snippet of the bookmarklet as a link in the surrounding HTML construct. The link works allright (e.g. included into the webview < div > in page-scene.html), but always spawns the error message, that I'm not logged in. I guess the surrounding browser App cannot access information of the webview widget.

    Don't know, what else to do, but there is also the problem of java bookmarks that are not opened at all. Guess, the java code for url handling has to be changed to fix that. So, after so poking around I'm not much better of

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