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    I am running webOS 1.2.1 Only my second day with the phone. My pre did sync with itunes, but Every time I follow the webOS quick install instructions and click on the third button down. It tells me there is no device present. The Phone is plugged in, and I press charge only. Can anyone help me with this issue?
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    Are you in developer mode??
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    u need to be in dev mode upupdowndownleftrightleftbastart type that in ur pre and it brings it up and u have to put it on ur phone restarts then u can plug it in to quick install and u should make sure after ur done installing everything u want to shut dev mode off again u also can downlaod a patch for the dev mode so u dont need to do that typing from that code all the time.
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    my bet its upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart
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    I'm in developers mode.
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    if u have windows....i do this with vista or windows 7...go to start...type on services and look for palm novacom...and click on restart...should work...good luck

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