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    I'm developing a webOS application, and whether I use a dialog or a full scene
    depends on what I can expect users to know.

    Opening the Application Menu dismisses any dialogs, so you can't use the menu Paste command with dialogs (such as in the sample News application, the "Add News Feed Source" dialog).

    You can use "hold-gesture-area and type V" with dialogs, but it's not clear
    to me that most users know about this.

    Can anyone suggest a way to figure out if enough users know the gesture-paste, to make putting a URL field in a dialog a reasonable approach?
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    I cannot suggest a way...

    But I can suggest just using a scene. I know all about copy/paste, but prefer the visual congruency of a scene anyeay.
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    Also, I found users complained, er, constructively criticized that when they went to add a url, but found out they needed to go get a url and changed apps, the dialog would go away, and that understandably frustrated them.

    Plus, you will probably find down the road that you need to add items to the scene, and eventually a dialog just doesn't cut it anymore.

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