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    Hello! I am interested in creating the best webos apps out there. But I will need some help! The team will all have equal rights, we will all be leaders and we will all have a say. There will be no real leader, we decide as a group. If you would like to join then email me ( with who you are and what you can offer to the group (i.e. UI person). Name not decided as of yet.

    My name is Opal, I am a computer geek well and truly. I have worked with computers from a very young age (9 or 10) I started designing my first website when my dad bought me a domain. Designing it with Microsoft Frontpage I made a very simple website, eventually I made a logo and moved into a logins. I gave up website designing when I could not figure how to make a database. Later on in my life, I put down the video games and I started coding. I offer the team: Free use of my servers (Once I look what it is over) and My own coding experience.

    -Have an AIM account.
    -Have some coding experience
    -At least experimented with WebOs SDK

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    I love the sound of that first requirement.

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