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    Not sure if this is even possible, but when the pre is locked, can we assign the center button as the next track button?

    I noticed that in the SDK, there are options in "Key Service" for the volume buttons but not for the center button.

    As I'm new to development on the palm pre, can someone point me in the right direction?
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    Unfortunately, this is one of the big questions circling around in the community. Until someone sits down and actually tracks the progress of pressing the center button and tracing the reaction, where it's called and where it leads, there's nothing anyone can really do but speculate.

    Try using a program like File Search Assistant to search within documents, and try to trace functions between .JSJSJS $files$ $and$ $the$ $like$.
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    Maybe palm doesn't want developers messing with the center button - it always exits the card... however since they are not utilizing the button when the screen is locked... it seems like there might be a chance that we may be able to utilize this button.

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