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    Why is it we can't mass delete photos? My old centro would do that?
    Also the purging of emails and text messages. The centro would let me purge all messages older than one week, one month.. etc

    Maybe there is a way and I don't know it, if so, help me out pleeeez!!
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    I would love to see this feature. Was even an idea I had for an app...
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    There's a setting in email preferences for how much of your mail to keep in the app. You can set to all mail, past 7 days, etc. As for photos - that's what the usb functionality is for, I guess.
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    On the phone I don't believe there is a way to do this currently; but, you should be able to delte them quicker on the computer through USB mode.

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    Ok, the email thing works and I guess I can hook my phone up to the computer just to mass delete photos, but why won't the bluetooth find other devices to transfer info. like photos and videos. My cheap slider would do that.

    Also why won't memos sync with the desktop like the old classic system. If the memos are backed up onto palm profile, how do u access them via laptop? I liked the old system how everything was syncable and accessible on the laptop.

    The thing I miss the most about my old centro was definitely documents, but I hear they are working on that, so I will have to wait.
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    Agreed. I'd like to be able to delete photos at a better rate then 1 at a time while i'm viewing it.
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    Three things need to happen.

    Mass delete in photo viewer.
    When attaching photos, have the ability to select multiple photos at once.
    Or make photo viewer faster.

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