I have recently purchased a Palm Pre from Bell (Canada). I recently switched from Canada's "AT&T" Rogers with it's blazing fast 3G. I bought a Blackberry Pearl 8130 on October 7th, 2008. Before that I had a similar, younger sister Pearl 8100 on Telus mobility. I've become acquainted with a Blackberry, and I particularly liked the Pearl opposed to a big beefy Bold, or even the Curve. (I MIGHT have gotten the Curve 8900, but only if I wanted the little bigger screen and the full keyboard.)

Coming from a berry, I had high stakes for leaving. All my friends from work (Best Buy Canada. 981) have berrys and we abuse Blackberry Messanger. I had to prove really well that it out-performed the Bold and the 3GS. Obviously everyone has opinions, and maybe WebOS coupled with the doesn't fit EVERYONE'S lifestyle, it will definately cause some ripples of its own and Palm might have some foothold to spring back into the game.

But one thing it has for certain is possiblitiy.

It's built on linux based off web and synergy? And I can call Grandma, still using a Rotary phone? It doesn't sacrafice. CDMA makes calls clearer and don't drop as often. Obviously I "bought" mytether right away tested Bell's network. An amazing 1.72 Mbps. I was astounded. Wifi internet where I bring my laptop... More on that later.

The apps on it are definately improving. I've had it for a week now, and after discovering homebrew and themes, I've updated it some many times with new apps and updates and patches and tweaks and themes all without rooting. The most work I did was using WebOS Doctor once... Pregame and WebOS Quick Install make it so easy to customize your phone.

MyTether wa exactly the same, just not part of the standard homebrew. This is a program that, if you want to do it the simple way, you must pay $15 as a donation to gain access. I'm down, if it works I'll support the homebrew community. It just has to be good. I paid my 15 and followed the instructions. Carefully. It succeeded the first time and poped up on my launcher after a restart.

Tap, tap, tap. AoNet with no WEP. Just to see if it works...

And it does.

I got so stoked, checked every corner of my house. Checked the speed, 1720 KBps. I was so happy. You see, my goal all along, is to prove my friend wrong. I told him, "It's way better than a netbook." He said, "I'd rather have my Bold and his Toshiba netbook. He doesn't tether, but he just syncs through bluetooth. I asked him what he does on his bold and Toshiba combo that he can't do on my Palm Pre. I got USB, BBM and hooking up to a screen of somesort. This started to make me think of opportunity.

I currently have a HP HDX16 hooked up to a Samsung 1080P TV through HDMI. My goal is to use my Pre as a netbook. I have to be able to access USB ports and access them freely. I could go into my user account, find a cool picture and set it either as my wallpaper, or as a contact photo. Now, I think Wifi would be the easiest way of this, no? If there was a sound way of getting Samba on linux, there might be a way of passing it through to WebOS through to an app. Maybe?

If you're able to do that, however, I think it'd be more efficient to create a VPN between a server and a client. Server: HDX. Client: Palm Pre. If the VPN works over EDVO, couldn't we then get Samba running in an semi-adhoc network? Pretty much, it'd be taking mytether to the next step. Making the Pre show up in Windows shares.

I think this would be first, and easiest step. If you got that working, you could install something server side (HDX) that allows file sharing/backup (Scheduled client side [Palm Pre] would control when/what/where to). I think that would be a great feature.

After that, I think easily would come USB devices. Can be shared like other files and folders. I think that would suffice as to being able to use a USB port off of my Palm Pre. I put a USB Drive into a USB Port... Then I transfer music from my USB drive to my Pre and play it in Music (Remix). Sounds great.

The next thing that is quite feesable would be being able to display a screen. Once we have our client / server model, would we be able to hook my HDX to a screen and control what's on the screen with my Palm Pre? In theory?

Client/Server Model... There's already an app out that sorta does this already. RemoteWin Lite. It allows remote desktop using its own little server. Can allow/disallow keyboard and mouse commands. I was doing Full Colour quality with 1-3 refresh and getting good quality/performance ratio. I turned on my music from my Palm Pre. Still needs some work, but I think it works well enough for me to paint a picture.

Before I unleash the point of this post, there's one issue I want to go over control. Working at Best Buy, one day we got the Logitech Dinovo Mini. I think this could be a huge asset to any smartphone. I know it works with WM, I just want to see it on here.

I think it'd be fairly easy to create an overlay OS ontop of WebOS on the Palm that would interlace with Luna nicely. You would be able to open certain windows and programs in seperate Activity Cards, allowing for smoother multitasking. You would be able to transfer files easily, mount USB easily, perhaps, if we got couragous, printer support!

My question to you? Is it possible? Do we have the hardware to be able to do it all over 3G? Is 3G fast enough for it? Do you think Palm Accounts could link into an enterprise server at Palm that would have the ability to do this, but perhaps for a fee? I'd be willing to pay a fee to have all my contacts/calendars/emails/tasks with me on my HDX everywhere I go. And being able to run my HDX on my phone would be awesome as well.

I think most of all, I'd want to have the Logitech Dinovo Mini support. That alone would be nice. (Touchstone + Bluetooth Speakers + Dinovo Mini = kickass phone.) I see a lot of opportunity with this phone and its software. Thanks to all the homebrew developers for making this happen.