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    after I update my Pre to 1.2.1 my phone app number pad is off centered, then it repostions after I type a number. Also, in all calls and missed calls the screen is frozen on one certain spot and won't scroll up or down. Both of these problems occurred after I got the 1.2.1 update, anybody else hit this problem after updating to the new version?
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    Did you remove all patches / mods before the update? (if you had any) I did a clean 1.2 -< 1.2.1 Saturday morning w/o a hitch..
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    I haven't had those problems. But in the phone app I pressed the keypad button from the call list view and it caused a hard reset. I would lean towards the phone app having a problem.
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    any themes installed? or were installed?
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    Clean install to 1.2.1 and no issues here. I agree with above posts, any mods/themes?
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    no patches, just a theme. And the prob was still there after removing the theme.
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    I don't know if you have already tried this but it always works for me if I have an issue with something after an install. Go to device info and reset the phone the short key are orange+shift+r this will reset your phone and u should be good to go. Another way is to remove the battery simple I know but it works.
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    reset didn't do anything.

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