Thought i'd write this up as an alternative for using the WebOS Repair Utility, for more linux savvy people. This only works if the md5sums is current per palm and the update, which i don't know. Also (pretty sure), the current webdoc download from Sprint is 1.2.0 not 1.2.1.. so how can the WebOS Repair Utility compare 1.2.0 to 1.2.1?

To quickly check the md5sums of all the files listed do the following commands:

cd /
cp md5sums md5sumsNEW
vi md5sumsNEW
1,59d <- to delete the first 59 lines in vi.. youll crash and reboot if you don't
:wq <- write quit
md5sum -c md5sumsNEW | grep -v "OK$" > /tmp/md5sumsBAD
You'll now have a file called /tmp/md5sumsBAD to look over and see whats not matching. Currently this shows both onscreen and also dumps to /tmp/md5sumsBAD, maybe someone can tell me how to fix that.

You maybe have to do the remount,rw or sudo.. don't remember..

This should help for modified files from patches and things that have been removed. It only takes about 15 secs