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    Anyone know how to change the carrier string in WebOS 1.2. I looked all over and couldnt really find where to change it.
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    It's in /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/app/controllers/bar-assistant.jsjsjs - $replace$ $all$ $instances$ $of$
    $('carrier').innerHTML = this.carrierText
    $('carrier').innerHTML = $L("Verizon");
    of course, change Verizon to whatever else you want. I just put "Pre" on mine and it works great, through reboots and airplane mode, etc.
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    Do you happen to know what lines they are all on??
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    search carrier string.. One of the threads has very detailed how to. and post back here with results.
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    All the lists of lines I've seen so far have not been updated with 1.2, let alone 1.2.1 (not sure that changed the relevant file, but still). I would import the file via quick install, use a text editor, and send back to the phone, which is a lot easier when you need to do a find/replace than going command line.
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    change occurs on lines 444, 483, and 830.
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    Line 483, 830

    this is what you need to put in those line

    //$('carrier').innerHTML = this.carrierText	
    $('carrier').innerHTML = $L("Verizon");
    and like said above, change the Verison to what ever you want

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