Has anyone looked into where/how the Luna Launcher stores icon locations (on a launcher page, or among launcher pages)?

To avoid the "app limit", for a while I was keeping extra apps in /media/internal/.applications. That was unsatisfactory for a number of reasons.

So I decreased the /media/internal partition and added space to /dev/mapper/store-root and /dev/mapper/store-var. I then moved what I had into /var/usr/palm/applications1 , and added that path to the app path in /etc/palm/luna.conf. Then I moved all the icons into pages for an organization that works for me.

HOWEVER, when I did the 1.2.1 upgrade this morning, it overwrote /etc/palm/luna.conf, meaning that I lost access to all the apps in my second directory. I added it back, did a rescan (via luna-send), and got them all back. BUT THEY'RE NOW ALL ON PAGE 1 OF THE LAUNCHER.

So - for anyone still reading after the jargon, for which I apologize - has anyone begun looking into ways to store the placement of icons within the launcher? I'd be happy just to have a way to snapshot, so I can put it back after an upgrade, let alone to programmatically move things around.

Lastly, lest anyone think I'm complaining... It's a way-cool feature of the Pre that we can even begin to ask these questions. And one of the costs of having the ability to hack in unsupported ways is having to do this sort of thing. So I'm thrilled that I have this problem, as annoying as it is.