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    I know Dk made an application that uses rTunes to control the player, But would it be possible for an app that did it natively without the need to install extra software for webos?

    I ran into this the other day on a blog and it seems to have an application for android as with information to how Itunes DACP Platform works from a reversed engineered standpoint

    dacp.jsharkey org

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    unfortunately you need to use bonjour to talk to iTunes like the apple remote does. The pre doesn't support bonjour (yet?).

    My Remote app gets pretty close by using the helper on the pc/mac to essentially translate from bonjour to http so that the pre can connect via http.

    I think that rTunes uses applescript to control iTunes, so it is pretty limited in what it can do. My remote app has access to as much of the DACP protocol as I can understand!
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