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    so, I like games and cute apps as much as the next guy, but my device doubles as a business device. Therein lies the rub. I'm missing dearly functionality that I had on my blackberry (many generations, last was the Bold). I want dearly the following:

    1. Invite attendees to meetings I put in my main calendar (exchange based) and track their responses. I know iPhone sucks this way too, but this is really FUNDAMENTAL! Not having this reduces the usefulness od the pre calendar by HALF!

    2. Data integration. See RexConnect which is specific for blackberry. It is awesome. For example, I could make an email into an appointment on my calendar or into a task.

    3. Anagram...automatically import contacts from highlighted and copied text.

    4. LED notification. One of the cool things on the bold was that the led had colors. I had a program that coded the colors and flash patterns to tell me that I had either work or personal email, text, voicemail. Very sweet. I'll take patterns .

    I've listed them in my order of preference. Any takers?? I can't program, and frankly don't have much time...that's why I have the pre!!
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    Don't know about the first two as I don't use exchange and don't have meetings. But there is a patch available for download through preware or you can just go in and edit the files manually although riskier that does turn on led notifications. It will only be white cause that's the color of the led and right now will just pulse when there is a notification waiting for you.

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