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    Hello dear Pre Developers,

    i am aware that this is kind of a noob question, but i think this is the right place to ask. I am living in Germany and will hopefully have a pre as of next Thursday. I have been looking around this site and especially the homebrew section, and i am really excited about all the different apps i will soon have access to.

    As a student of pharmacy, i was really happy to see that there is already an app for drug research in terms of looking the drugs up in a database (DrugView). Now i wonder if it would be possible for me to develop a similar app for the german equivalent of these drug databases. The only difference as far as i can see is, that you have to log in into the sites ( or for doing a research on drugs.

    As i am no developer (until now) i wanted to ask which skills i would need to acquire, so that i can develop this kind of app all by myself. I have basic knowledge of Linux and HTML, and i have also done some simple tutorials in c# some years ago, but that's about it. I know what an IDE is, and i know the crude differences between some programming languages. I am working on a Macbook and have installed the Palm Pre Emulator and the Eclipse IDE including the plugins that are recommended on palms' website.

    I would be very grateful for any input you guys can give me!

    Thank you very much.
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    Hey Xylose,

    Glad to hear you'll be joining our ranks here!

    Let me begin by saying, post into the DrugView forum and ask for help there. Palmdoc is a really nice guy and i'm sure he can help you, if not actually switch the URLs around to work with the german version.

    To answer your question about starting, just read tutorials. I put up an old tutorial here that you can read. Also, the first link on my tutorial takes you to a couple more updated tutorials. Try those out as well.

    Good Luck!
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    SirataXero's post should be a sticky, IMHO.
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    Thank you very much,

    that is exactly what i was looking for! I will try to contact Palmdoc and discuss the issue with him.

    Also i will take a look at the tutorials for which you posted the link!

    Have a nice day!

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