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    I found a bug in the email app that at least causes errors, but doesn't seem to effect anything. It's in the function _updateAccountsInfo() in the file /usr/palm/applications/ $this$.$accounts$.$list$ $is$ $undefined$ $so$ .$each$() $call$ $throws$ $an$ $error$. $I$ $can$'$t$ $find$ $this$.$accounts$ $being$ $used$ $anywhere$, $but$ $based$ $on$ $the$ $comments$ $it$ $seems$ $Palm$'$s$ $intentions$ $were$ $at$ $some$ $point$ ($past$ $or$ $future$) $to$ $keep$ $account$ $info$ $in$ $memory$ $rather$ $than$ $going$ $to$ $the$ $depot$.

    EDIT: I will update the patch to just check for the existence of this.accounts.list so the error isn't throw for anyone that might want that, although it shouldn't effect anything functionally.
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