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    Can someone recommend any books to learn how to develop programs for WebOS? I downloaded the O'Reilly book, but it assumes more skills than I have right now. I've seen some that look promising but have not been published yet listed on amazon etc.

    There are a million programming books out there. Where should I start? Javascript? HTML 5? AJAX? MOJO? Linux? What do I need to learn?

    Any good online resources would be appreciated as well, but a book or two would be more practical right now.

    specific titles would be great if you can recommend them

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    I would get a good Javascript book. Javascript, the good parts is a good one and fairly small: JavaScript: The Good Parts (9780596517748): Douglas Crockford: Books

    For an all out reference to go to, this is good:

    Most CSS stylesheet stuff can be found online by reading CSS3 tutorials and playing around with CSS code in the Safari browser (same webkit rendering engine.)

    Depending on your programming background, good object oriented books or various programming structure type of books might be helpful.

    I would recommend getting comfortable with Javascript on the browser, as debugging WebOS is still fairly difficult for new developers.

    Also, looking at the documentation for the Prototype Framework would be helpful.
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    I certainly don't want to miss a chance to plug my tutorials: Beyond 'Hello World!' Not just my tutorials there either -- I've linked to some very good tutorials written by others as well.
    Richard Neff

    My tutorials on WebOS development: Beyond 'Hello World!' | Getting Started - WebOS Development

    My apps: Percent Table | SierraPapa
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    Start here: HTML Tutorial

    Then work your way through the CSS, XML, and JavaScript tutorials.
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    I say use and then buy a javascript book. Any of the ones recommended will do.
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    thanks everyone
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    just jump in and explore the sdk. The websites rickneff gives helped me so much. I knew nothing and in 3 weeks I'm getting so much better. Those sites really spell things out. Just keep reading and trying new things. Good luck
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    I have been learning everything from the ground up for the past few months. I am currently going through the O'Rielly book right now and understand everything VERY well. Here is what I did.

    1.) Learn HTLM and CSS. They are very easy languages to learn. I went to HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles | HTML Dog to learn how use them. I already new VERY basic HTML but just enough to make a basic web page.

    2.) Learn JavaScript. It will be a bit harder than HTML and CSS but Still very easy compared to other languages. I went to Java script tutorial for the total non-programmer and learned it very well. He takes you at a slow pace so you get everything down. (good to refer back to also).

    3.) Get JavaScript: The Good Parts. This will teach you how to use JavaScript very well and will take away lots of frustrating hours in the future.

    4.) Go through the Hello World tutorial. It will give you basic understanding on how the framwork works and the basic structure of any WebOS app.

    5.) Get Palm webOS by: Mitch Allen. (I think you already have). This will teach you have to develop for WebOS specifically. This is far most the most important book you will need.

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