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    Hey all,

    Ok so here is the lowdown.

    -I'm with Bell Mobility in Toronto, Canada
    -I rooted my Pre so I could add the LED Notifications for WebOS 1.2, it worked awesome
    -Then I wanted a new boot theme so I did the first part of these instructions only copying the files to the USB drive so I could edit them later. I was going to edit them later so I didnt do the second step.

    sudo mkdir /media/internal/bootlogo
    sudo cp /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/palm-logo* /media/internal/bootlogo

    Now to the problem. Every time I reset or turn off my phone all my photos, wallpapers, movies and music get deleted.

    Anyone have any solutions? I'm thinking of WebOS Doctor for Bell but I'm worried I'll brick my phone, but people seem to say its quite easy.

    Thanks all...hope you can help.
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    I would WebOS doctor, just to see if you messed things up. Otherwise, you have a hardware issue. The memory should be persistant.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    OMG I just had the same problem. I went in and restarted my phone and everythign in the memory had been erased. I had luckily backed it up. Then everythign was ok. I proceeded to re-restart the phone, and everythign was gone again. ***!!! Now it doesnt seem llike a hardware issue. Anone else?
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    webOS doctor is the only solution as of now, I dealt with this once also.
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    i used web doctor on mine and it kept giving me errors and would not wipe. dealt with it for a while and got fed up and ordered another with insurance :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhMassacre View Post
    webOS doctor is the only solution as of now, I dealt with this once also.
    What is webOS doctor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SLTTRAVEL View Post
    What is webOS doctor?
    webOSDoctor is a program that restores your phone to factory settings. It removes whatever apps, patches, or themes you may have installed, and gives you a clean Pre.

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