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    let me preface this by saying that as a psp owner since launch I have a deep appreciation for a strong homebrew community.

    I've just recently bought a palm pre, and I must say I've never had an easier time finding and installing homebrew (preware is a blessing), and I'm increasingly impressed at the rate and level of quality at which these homebrew apps, games and patches are released. this community is flourishing and it's fantastic.

    so I just wanted to say thanks to all the devs. I hope you all keep making iPhones jealous of our flexible, open platform and enriching webOS for at least as long as I'm contractually tied to my phone.

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    Can't agree more, lots of hardworking people doing pretty amazing stuff right now
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    Agreed! great work guys
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    Thanks Dev team....
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    It's the devs and Precentral that is saving the Pre. The initial frusteration at Palm's turtle-slow app releases, has been tempered by the Homebrew community. That is what makes Palm so great (open source). Thanks a million.
    Palm for life

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    yep, i honestly would have probably got rid of the phone by now if it wasn't for this website and all of the hard work that so many people have put into makining this what it is...
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    When upgrading my smartphone, I was struggling between getting a phone with a really slick interface (Palm Pre) and getting a phone that was easily tweakable and customizable (Touch Pro). I went with the Palm Pre, but just am absolutely blown away by the speed and enthusiasm with which the Pre has been completely cracked open. As the op said, especially compared with the PSP and iPhone, it's so great seeing such an active homebrew community coupled with a company so tolerant of homebrew and tweaks.

    So, thanks to the community and thanks to Palm!

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