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    Can someone create an application that filters all the "webOS 1.2 update sucks" and "if the Pre doesnt get a videocamera update by next Monday at 5pm I'm trading it in for an iPhone" posts?

    That would be swell. Or maybe an entire forum dedicated to irrational griping.... This site is a *great* wealth of information re: pre/webos and I'd like to give a big shout out of THANKS to all the individuals creating apps, installers, themes and poking around in the guts of this phone and posting hacks. Truly great work and I have benefited from it immensely.
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    That would definitely be nice. :P

    Developing for webOS is pretty simple, but editing and tweaking it is proving more difficult than I thought.
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    *Marks calender for next monday @5.....V...i..d...e..o....update*
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    I just consider myself lucky that they tagged the thread so I don't have to read it.
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    ooh ooh! Don't forget the "I love my Pre but I hate Sprint" and the "I love Sprint but I hate my Pre"

    EDIT: And seriously, thanks to all of those providing updated, compatible programs, tweaks, and feed platforms in such a timely manner. I've paid for apps and software that doesn't have nearly as frequent and prompt updates as compared to this homebrew community. They are truly what makes this phone great, and I'm glad that even Palm recognizes that!
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    here here

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