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    So, someone else started this thread asking about an old Visor (old PalmOS) but I guess this is a different story...

    I found a company (organization?), whatever you want to call it, that developed a mathematical computational tool (compatible with MATLAB) for the PalmOS (Calerga - Download).

    They have a linux version as well. I'm well aware that just because something has a "linux version" doesn't mean you can stick the files into the Pre and have it magically work.

    However, it provides the grounds for the fact that it might be possible to be ported.

    If someone knows more information on this, I might be able to work on getting this up and running. I have a grand total of 0 knowledge of linux. But I can work my way around WebOS a little bit... here and there... If someone can work out the basics of how this could come to be... I wouldn't mind devoting my time to learning linux and having this be functional on WebOS.

    Does anyone who actually knows linux know if this is possible?
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    Roundabout suggestion: Has anyone considered an install package for Octave (and maybe gnuplot)? I reckon that could just be run from the Terminal app then.

    Edit: IIRC, gnuplot needs XServer, too.
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