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    I have, with help, found out how to create personal tags for your apps on the pre. As someone who knows nothing about patch files and the like, I will leave the automation of this hack to someone else.

    If you find the application's directory and open the appinfo.json file for editing, you can add/remove "keywords"

    If you are editing a hidden app and want it to be available, delete the line referencing Visible

    Then you need to add a line at the end formatted like so:

    "keywords": ["keywordname", "keywordname"]

    Keep in mind, if your keyword name is 'devmodeswitch', typing any of the first combination of letters will allow that to show up.

    More importantly, this allows us to bundle similar apps within "categories" like games, productivity, utilities, etc.

    The only problem I can see is that the appinfo file more than likely gets overwritten with each app update... hence the advantage of an automated solution for this.
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