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    Searched for a little bit with no luck.... is anyone working on, or interested in working on, some sort of tweak that will allow for "minimizing" cards? Kind of like sending them all to the background? This would serve as a kind of "show desktop function"...


    I started a thread a long time ago about "undeleting" cards... pretty obvious what that means... the ability to restore a card withing seconds/minutes of swiping them away...

    possible scenario: Finding a web page and accidentally swiping it away when doing the routine flick-away-as-many-windows-as-possible-to-free-memory act. But you don't want to go back through your browser, then history, then find the one you want... just undelete it. If this isn't possible or practical... maybe locking a card so that you don't accidentally flick it off the screen (pun intended)

    thanks in advance and don't eat me alive if this is a repost or in the wrong place... i'm usually replying to people and not starting threads so this is still kind of new to me

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    I cant believe this got no replies...I would really like a patch to minimize cards as well. My thought was that when in card mode you could swipe down on the screen to minimize all cards...normally this would open the card, but just touching it does the same thing so the swipe down wouldn't cause any loss of functionality. I know that there's an app that puts a transparent card, but this would be a much more elegant and user friendly solution.
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    I think it'd be cool if when you swipe a card down a minimized card badge appeared on the top left corner of the screen. I saw a mock up of it a while back on here.
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    I've been wanting this as well. What's the point of having a background image if you can never see it??
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    i also believe that this would be nice to have...every os system has the ability to do this, so why not the pre lolz
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    I'd like to be able to do this too. Ideally you would be able to swipe a card to the bottom of the screen & it would minimise into the dashboard/notification area.
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    My background image is solid black. Best thing is, stop worrying about your background image. Keep your cards open. The phone is much easier to use if you keep your cards open.

    I think it would be nice to tile the open cards, though, so I could just tap on the one that I want to use.
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    I have been wanting something like this for a while now.....
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    You might check out this thread for similar suggestions:
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