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    I understand that all hacks, etc. need to be removed before upgrading WebOS. If I follow these instructions (found on www {dot} webos-internals {dot} org {slash} wiki {slash} Next_steps) for installing OptWare, a user, and sshd -- would I need to back the changes out before doing the next upgrade of WebOS? In case it matters -- at this time I am not interested in tinkering around with Quilt.

    I fully understand that any changes I make using the sshd access the above instructions provide would have to be un-done before a WebOS upgrade ... but I'm wondering if the process of installing the sshd, a custom user, and the OptWare package manager by itself is "upgrade-safe".

    (Sorry -- PreCentral would not allow me to put a URL in my posting)
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    Yes it's ok to update, the updates don't touch any of those things, for now at least.
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    Those are fine. The only things you have to remove before an update are files that palm will change. Those are services, which are basically dormant processes until you need them.
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    my 1.2 wiped everything except ipk programs.

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