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    first of all thank you to all the people who are working hard and making new apps... i know nothing about those sorts and only donate to those who do lol

    anyways, im a addict... and id love to have an app that will keep me updated everywhere i go!

    if anyone is planning or is already working on an app for slickdeals... please let me know!!

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    Couldn't you just subscribe to the RSS feed through google reader and use the Feeds app to keep track of it?
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    for now i prefer the actual page. i read the comments on the deals and teh side deals are always changing. But i am an addict also
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    Actually... that's a really good idea.

    I might consider making an easier interface for the website... Don't quote me on this... but if I get some free time, I'll take a look into it.

    I might just be lazy and make a list out of the home page list. And end up making those launch a browser page. haha.

    We'll see...

    If anyone else really wants to dedicate themselves to this, please go right ahead...

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