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    It's not just two lines of code. Code would need to be added to the AppAssistant handleLaunch routine which would evaluate the params passed in. If a filter string was present, it would then have to push a new scene (not the Songs assistant) which would query the mediadb service for a list of songs, artists, album, genres, playlists, etc and then display the results. If you're going to implement a "universal" music search, then it should be universal.
    Well I assumed you already have (or the native music app already has) the entire search function incorporated and working (as of right now, one is able to go into the Song view [which I assumed had an assistant named Song assistant] and start typing to have a list of songs come up). So I assumed instead of having someone type that, you should be able to launch the assistant file (whichever one it might be) to take in pre-provided params (filter string) and have it run the same function on it as it does when someone begins to type while already in the scene... I don't know if that made sense... but I hope you see what i mean.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    It wouldn't require modifying the Mojo.request service. It already has the capability to pass in a "params" input parameter, which is a JSON object where you could specify the filter string.
    Right, the request service can pass params, but I'm not too sure if it can launch a new application and have it launch/switch/navigate to a specific scene (not the default launch scene) and THEN pass parameters to that specific scene. Haven't looked that up, or tried it ever before.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    I'm torn on this one. Part of me thinks it's a cool feature, but part of me is hesitant about it. Universal search is one of the best features of webOS, so adding new data sources is always nice. However what makes me hesitant is 2 things:

    1) This new feature would require rooting (or other means of modding OS files). So it wouldn't be available to all my users. If you read my Remix thread you'll know that I prefer to work on features that will appeal to the majority of users. Not everyone is comfortable with modding the OS files. I happen to be one of those people.
    I can understand where you are coming from. A lot of people are hesitant. I personally think, if this is implementable, a patch can be made rather quickly and WebOSQuickInstall should be able to handle it... assuming this can be done... Again, the user can choose never to install this feature and you can just put an if statement into the song (or whatever assistant it is) to check if the initial search params exist. If they don't, continue what it normally does, if they do, then plug those into the filterlist. That should make the app work independent of whether the "plugin" is installed or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    2) I'm not 100% convinced that people would be using universal music searches as much as some of the other universal searches (or even ones that don't currently exist like calendar).
    This I can agree with you... I'm not sure of the widespread use of this feature. I do agree that you should probably devote your time on things that are more practical and/or higher up on the importance chain. This seems more of a convenience/add-on/feature than a "must-have" option.
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    Like I mentioned, I don't think it's a good idea to just use the "song list" scene. If it's going to be a true universal search, then it needs to search songs, albums, artists, genres, etc. If that's the case, then you need to create a new scene which would display all the possible results.

    The "search" code that is already present on the "song list" screen is just a call to the mediadb service. So yes, it would just be replicating that call in the new scene.

    You can use the ApplicationManager service to launch an app. But no, it can't launch a specific scene. Like I said, it would require the Remix app's handleLaunch routine to be modified to load the new scene when it received the filter string parameter.
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    Ahhh ok... I guess I never realized that the song list scene only focuses on song names... haha... kinda makes sense now... *embarrassed*

    And I see what you mean by the handleLaunch routine that would be modified. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing that up. I understand what you mean now, and good to know it actually is possible!
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    Hey DanPLC,

    I know this is kind of an old topic/brushed aside for now, but I noticed something interesting.

    I'm not sure if you use speed dial to call your contacts or not, but after a long while, I finally decided on using it. So I assigned H to home.

    When in the home screen, if you hold H, you can see the UI enter an H into global search, and then drops down a menu of results (apps/contacts) but right underneath the search text bar and above the results is an extra button that is the contact that I assigned the key to.

    Now i've seen this happen two ways, and i'm not sure exactly why. One way, it shows the contact that matches the speed dial key and leaves it there, at which point I have to hit enter, or tap on it to make it launch the phone app.

    But, the second (and more interesting) way I've seen it handle this, is that it'll flash the global search page with the contact info and then all the results of the letter underneath real quick before that page goes away and the phone app launches. At this point, the phone app has the letter "H" (or whatever letter you used) entered into the bar on top and seems to be searching through your contacts (within the phone app) and then automatically begins dialing.

    I have seen this happen with a few letters (i'm just using H as an example) so I assume that's how its programmed in. As of today, I am unable to differentiate between why this happens. Both of these happen when I hold down the speed dial letter key. Either way, I think we could take a look at what the phone app has that takes in that global search letter and correlates it to a contact for quick dialing access. If this can then be used to launch a music player (Remix) and sent directly to a songs list (the new scene you refer to) and make it go through the songs, if it finds a match start playing, if it doesn't, just produce a filter list of the songs.

    I think its very possible, very doable, but someone will need to put a significant amount of effort into it.

    I understand you're not the one to do so, but it's just something I noticed and I wanted to bring it up if anyone really wants to take this project on. I think having quicklaunch for songs would be awesome. Instead of launching the music player, waiting for it to load, tapping "Songs", start typing, then tap the song you want, and THEN do whatever you want to do, all you'd have to do is type the name of the song and hit enter.

    Again, it's just a concept right now, I'm not too sure of the intricacies of the entire process, but theoretically, it seems doable. I, unfortunately, do not have the time to do something like this, but I wouldn't mind helping out here and there.
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    The speed dial is designed to launch the phone app when you hold the letter long enough (assuming you assigned a speed dial contact to that letter).

    I'm sure all it's doing is sending a request to launch the app via the Application Manager service. The phone app has a handleLaunch routine that intercepts this request and begins a phone call using the passed in contact information.

    This is the same thing we talked about before. In order to have the Remix app launch a song list or even launch a song automatically, it would have to be modified to have code in its handleLaunch routine to push the song list scene or the "now playing" scene to play a song.
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