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    I know the clock app has alarms on it but I am looking for something more versatile. I use my phone as an alarm clock and I work nights and tues-sat so unless I change the settings so that weekends are sun and monday (which would screw me up with anything else I use dates for) I would need to create 5 alarms to go off weekly for the days I work. I used the treoalarm program on my treo and it made it easier by setting a time then picking which days of the week it would go off. And I get up every weds and thurs earlier to do something else so just for those I would need to set 2 more to go off weekly. To sum up on my treo I had 3 different alarms set to go off when I need them, and with the pre I would need to set 12, So any improved app for alarms would be great.
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    This would be nice. I'm used to the WM alarm settings, I could toggle days of the week. With the Pre, I have multiple schedules that I have to remember to turn off.

    Some of the clock apps in Homebrew have alarms, but are not as robust as I'd like.
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    I'd like an alarm that would randomly play an MP3 on the device instead of being stuck to one...
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    How about an application for a sound recorder or "VoiceRecorder" or "VoiceMemo" like on the old iden phones? There's no way to record sound right now!
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    I have to say I was a bit stupefied when I went to set up some alarms for myself on my shiny new Pre and found no way to assign an alarm to only go off on certain days of the week. Every phone Ive had since at least 2006 if not earlier has had this very basic feature in some form or another. I know a simple answer might be to make repeating events on my Pre's calendar with that alarm but then I am stuck relying on the default and very weak alarm notification to wake me up of a morning.

    Oh nice, just realized that if for some reason you want to get up at a time that doesnt end in a 5 or a 0 youre screwed. Dont get me wrong, Im sure its a very rare thing that someone absolutely wants to do this, but why would you choose to leave that out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpankoe View Post
    How about an application for a sound recorder or "VoiceRecorder" or "VoiceMemo" like on the old iden phones? There's no way to record sound right now!

    Actually SoundRec in Classic works great. If it can be done through classic emulation, somebody MUST be able to figure out how it can be done in a regular app.

    So as not to be accused of hijacking the thread, I agree that we need a real alarm program like TreoAlarm. It has alarms for each day of the week, lots of alarm choices, easy and reliable and had a HUGE snooze button which I loved.
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    Sorry read some bad information just tested and vibrate it does indeed. Carry on.
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    I would definitely agree with the OP on this one! I work different hours monday and tuesday than I do wednesday-friday. I know VERY basic programing but probably not enough to edit the original clock app or make a new alarm app. I can try to work on it though...anyone else would probably be better/faster than me though...
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    I know I am reviving a year old thread, but has anyone found a fix to the problems mentioned here?

    Specifically, an app that allows setting a weekly or monthly alarm?

    -- The fact that the only options are daily, weekdays, weekends and ring once is total lack of quality IMO perhap Palm can come out with an update to correct this. Heck I would pay for an app that allowed this. I mean I can see how those option previously mentioned are useful; but, a monthly setting to remind me to pay a bill or transfer money would be much more useful to me than an alarm that rings every weekday.

    Thanks, Sb
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    if you want weekly or monthly you should probably ( I would thin ) use your calendar app. I never use it personally so I wouldn't know 100% but I think you could do it there.
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    Timepiece does almost all of the above. As sledge suggests, for alarm cycles greater than one week you'll probably need to use a calendar app instead.
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    I think MyClock does what you want. I don't have it but the reviews make it seem like you can do what you want.
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    I have MyClock and it's awesome. Does everything you want and more.

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