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    I've done the reboot (turn dev mode off/on) removed novacom and reinstalled about 30 friends and sisters pre I can connect right away!.....they both updated to 1.2 and I think I'm using quick install 2.5 could it be because I have tweaks and not using 2.03....? Where can I even download 2.3 to make sure?
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    Not sure I follow what you are trying to do? Could you please explain more clearly what the problem is? Have you updated to webos 1.2? If so, then the current version of webos quick install is not compatible with it. Be patient until it an updated version is released.
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    no I haven't updated to 1.2...I want to take the tweaks and keyboard off so I can update....well now my pre slowly downloaded it and says will install it at the next charge and I still haven't been able to remove my tweaks....
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    Okay, so now I plugged my phone in to charge and forgot to hit install later because my tweaks were still on so it started installing by itself. I haven't found anything that has gone wrong after the update with tweaks on but I still cannot connect to quick install. I tried resetting the dev mode and nothing. what could it be?!
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    As Gaurav stated once your phone has webOS 1.2 installed webOS quick install will not work in its current state. I'm sure a new version will be out soon enough. If you had previously installed preware you can retrieve most of your tweaks or patches via the AutoPatch feed see the thread "OFFICIAL: 1.2.0 Patches List" under web OS Development for more information.

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