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    Had a good laugh this evening opening up this email / invite for:

    "Sprint fully supports Android - Join us at the 2009 Sprint Open Developer Conference‏" (see attached)

    And was met with a big picture of the Palm Pre.
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    HAHA I got that email also which I thought was funny considering the wording and the whole cyanogen cease and disist order that is going on now with Android, i'm willing to bet money on that being brought up at the conference.

    Epic failure for picturing the PRE.
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    cyanogen is back in business. Even writing a app to work around the ip issue... Is android so bad you have to rewrite its os? Or is it that flexiable? Can that be done with a pre?
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    its was a simple fix but only people who may not like it are the end users as it adds another step. at least with android you get a full source code tree to sync with and compile, the pre has no open repository so i;m not sure how you would recompile the os from scratch. that is why I am giving up my Pre for a Hero to be added to my employee line. currently was using the G1 and Mytouch on prepaid even though i work for sprint but it was fine since its only for developing the OS files.

    The HTC binarys are also closed source(the drivers controlling the hardware) so it would be very hard to rewrite them from scratch without hardware docs. I'm just glad it was able to get fixed.

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