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    Long story short, I accidentally applied an old patch after my update to 1.2. It's not completely broken but it's basically unusable. Now I'm stuck in a position where I can use webos doctor becuase i can't enable devmode using the actual phone. I'm sure there's a way to invoke devmode using the luna command, right? Can anyone help me out?
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    I don't think that's possible, but I know it's NOT necessary.

    1. Turn your phone completely off.
    2. Plug your phone into the USB port on your computer.
    3. Hold the "volume up button" on the side of your phone, and KEEP IT HELD UNTIL I TELL YOU TO LET GO!!!! (sorry for yelling, everybody seems to miss that part)
    4. Power on your pre.
    5. Once you see a large USB symbol on the screen, you can let go of the volume up button.

    You will now be able to run WebOSDoctor
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    cool. appreciate it
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    if you have terminal, you can certainly enable dev mode, because whatever it is that flipping the switch in the devmode app does can be done "by hand"

    it's JUST software.

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