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    Would appreciate insights:

    Does Mojo support @-webkit-keyframes ? I've tried to research this, but the documentation seems lacking. I don't think it does but I've been unable to confirm this (other than negatively - that is, nothing works).

    I'd actually prefer to use CSS transforms due to the decreased overhead, but I need an infinite loop (-webkit-animation-iteration-count:infinite), which I can't seem to implement without first creating a keyframe animation.

    That is, while I can - obviously - specify rotate degrees I need indefinite rotation until user interaction, as opposed to: -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg).

    I know that various fx libraries exist and I've been playing around with them... any other thoughts? I'm looking for rapid touch control with reverse animations.

    Am I missing something stupid? (Which could easily be the case, as I'm something of a lapsed developer, recently returned.)

    Thanks, bez.
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