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    It would be very nice to be able to create a group (for email or sms) so i every time i am going to send a group message i don't have to add the recipients to my message. This would be useful, specially for SMS. I would pay for an app that can do that...
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    i would also pay for a Group Texting It would be nice to have on like the palm treo 755 had its call mass texting i was able to text to over 100 people at a time
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    Has anyone heard of any HomeBrew Apps that will do Group Texts? [yes, I know the Pre can send to multiple people, but I wanted to create a group listing and then send multiple texts to this group without having to add people to it for each text] Or is anyone currently working on something that will be out soon, so we can be on the look out for them?

    I'm desperate for something that will let me create a group (let's say 25 co-workers in my dept) and send one text to all of them without having to repeated add them all to one text each time I need to send them something.

    Even if you're a developer who started working on one and then gave up, could you please respond? I'm a CF programmer, so I won't pretend to immediately be able to write one myself, but if you started and wanted someone to take over, I'd give it a try.

    Thanks so much for any responses.
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    yea I would do that too, I wish I could do that with my email
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    Oh yeah, and I would also pay for this one, if it were available.
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    So anyone hear anything?
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    Any news on this?
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    I wish! If ANYONE has anything to add to this string, I think I speak for all of us that we'd really appreciate it!
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    I wish there were an option to select people or select all instead of adding one by one.
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    for group emailing, you can use "dg Quick Cuts" in the homebrew app. it doesn't integrate with the pre's contacts app though, so you'll have to manually type out all the email address. but, it's better than nothing, and is a usable solution for small group emails.

    for group SMS texting there isn't a solution yet. there is a developer with an app similar in purpose to "dg Quick Cuts" who says in his orig post that he plans on supporting this feature. however, it's been a while and he's spending most of his time fixing other bugs and promoting the app. i've asked about this feature multiple times and he has chosen to ignore it completely everytime, so I get the impression that he is just trying to get people using his app and then only making this available when it's a paid app. it's his app and he can do whatever he wants, but it does leave a pretty bad impression for me to be dealing with an app author who benefits from the collective effort of many here w/o giving the due respect back. sure, app authors should be paid for their time ad effort, but there can be room for both as I myself and many others have contributed freely so that we can all collectively benefit. a little generousity goes a long way, imo. sorry for the rant, but i hope that app authors think about this when they start creating their apps.
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    Guys I can tell you I was really interesting in making an app for this along with another member here and most things were done however due to palm APIs this isn't possible from within an app. Maybe I'll reach out to dg for any tips.
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    That's GREAT news!!! Please keep us posted!
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    Hey guys, has anyone heard any news on either an app or tweak to address group texting?
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    I would pay for that type of app also.. As long as I heard good review about it off course..
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    Great app in the App catalog: Mail lists and it lets you do group sms.

    Well worth the couple dollars

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    Thanks imex99. I've read the reviews and it seems some people are worried it doesn't save the contact list for texts, but since it's only $2.99, I'll check it out and let everyone know what I find out.

    Thanks again!!!
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    It does save your lists. I have made 2 lists of about 10 contacts. It actually makes some type of contact in your contact list but you can't edit it though... Some how they found a way to automatically create a contact with our group sms and let us fend group sms messages.

    To do a test, just opened my mail list app and my 2 created lists are still there.
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    Can you save the group to get a different ringtone from people in that group.
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    dunno, will check....
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