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    I have the newest version on WebOSQuickInstall and when I go to thee tweeks page it doesn't recognize the pathes I installed with other versions of WebOSQuickInstall. I have the battery %, txt msg forwarding, txt in landscape mode, 4x4 app launcher. So how else can I remove these pathes so I can install 1.2 ... or can I just upgrade to webos 1.2 without removing those patches.
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    some people have loaded with tweaks still on their phone and it has not messed up phone ,but you can seach in the webos Quick install thread someone in there will lead you to the right web os installer
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    when will we be able to use webos quick installer to apply tweaks with the new 1.2 update? Anyone know....right now only 3 of the tweaks will work for me. I do have v2.6 of the installer
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    many of the tweaks will have to be adjusted to handle code changes in 1.2
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    Patients, patients. The powers that be need to get in and "re-tweak" the code/files of the new 1.2.0

    My guess is that once people dig into it the tweaks world will just get bigger and bigger!
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