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    After tweaks and themes, it seems that I am unable to delete messages from my pre. They will be gone from the main screen, but when i type in the name, their messages show up. If I delete them, seconds later they pop up. Some people wont even show on the screen after they send me a message. I would have to type their name in to see them. I think its slowing my messaging down by having all of those messages in my phone.
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    Oh my god. This is 2011 and I have exactly the same problem on my Palm Pre with webOS 1.4.5!
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    the only time I had this happen, it magically disappeared when I did a partial erase and restore for an unrelated issue. If all else fails, that would work as a last resort. Just make sure everything is backed up and remember that in 1.4.5 you will lose ALL of your text messages.
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    the problem is that when you delete long messages it takes a while for them to be deleted . if you receive a text or open up the messaging app while its still in deletion process it will void the deletion . so if you delete the convo just leave it be until later also an incoming text wil stop the deletion process as well !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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