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    I have a cookie that I store a string in for settings... However, when I accidentally store a "badly formatted string" inside of the cookie, it kills the whole program.

    It throws an error in the /var/log/messages:

    EXCEPTION [Relaunch failed.], (SyntaxError): "Badly formed JSON string:", and then my JSON cookie is displayed after that...

    My app won't launch now, and I can't delete the cookie. It seems that the error is thrown when creating the cookie object (new Mojo.Model.Cookie("cookie_name"))

    Can anyone help? Has anyone been able to fix this issue, other than doing a factory reset?
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    what does the json string consist of?

    I have found that if your trying to get a cookie that is not there or has been deleted it will freeze your app, as for app not launching you could try building your app with a few lines of code to remove the cookie take the code out then rebuild without it... with there was same way to go in a folder and just delete your cookies but i dont know how to do that for the emulater

    var cookie = new Mojo.Model.Cookie('cookie_name');
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    If no programming-tricks help, you should be able to delete your program - that should kill all associated data, too.

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