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    does anyone know how to get one?
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    What on earth are you talking about?
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    oh yeah I bought a Seidio one, it fell in the tub while my dog was bathing.
    Why did u bring this up?
    I loved Tiger.
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    I think HaydenDavey might be referring to a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback (vibrate upon touch)
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    The virtual keyboard patch does have haptic feedback.
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    And if you want it . Its easy to do . Hook up pre to computer in usb mode. Look in files for a folder called virtual keyboard. Open it up and there will be a file that is called kb config. . Open that file with notebook or word pad . And then you see a line of stuff that looks like this, {
    "haptic": 0, (<<---------make this look like this "50")
    "clickFile": "",
    "theme": "LPC_Dark_Rounded_2e",
    {"label":"remix ice","value":"remix_ice"},
    {"label":"remix classic","value":"remix_classic"},
    {"label":"remix glossy","value":"remix_glossy"},
    {"label":"lpc dark rounded","value":"LPC_Dark_Rounded_2e"}
    ,where you see hapitc then 0 put " " on both sides of the 0 then put 5 in front of the 0 making it say "50" that's it and if you don't understand anything .I will be home shortly where I can b more direct in my instructions , lol , ps then save file and close .
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