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    To get started making apps, Im fluent in DOJO and think it might be similar atleast in theory to making pre apps.

    I got a pre so late its hard to find anywhere to get started making apps. I have the SDK thing with the emulator but im stuck there.
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    Eclipse seems the way to go. download it then get the webOs application for it.
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    C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\share\samplecode\samples

    has a ton of samples thats going to be the first place to start you will begin to get an idea what options you will have as far as UIwidgets, APIs etc, its hard to build stuff if you dont know the materials.

    Also if you do a search for tutorials or hello world you find a good hello world 2.0 tutorial which does a real good job of getting you through the basics.
    Check out GetMeVino!
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    That would be this one.

    Be forewarned, this was a while ago... but it should still be applicable.

    Good Luck!

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