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    hey my javascript is utter crap can someone help me figure out how to get my animation to work?

    essentially I have a random integer generator that puts out numbers between 200 and 320 for y coordinates and then a line of code that set the x coordinates to 0, (this part works fine) but I can't seem to get my animation to work to have the image move across the screen, can someone show me a simple way of setting up this jsjsjs $code$? $I$ $would$ $be$ $very$ $greatful$, $for$ $anyone$ $that$ $wants$ $to$ $help$, $message$ $me$ $and$ $I$'$ll$ $send$ $you$ $the$ $js$ $file$, $the$ $html$ $file$, $and$ $the$ $images$ $that$ $I$ $am$ $having$ $trouble$ $with$.
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    hey boscoton87... i'm no expert, but i'm great at debugging and figuring out new code. i made QuickSpell and QuickSolve in 3 weeks with no prior experience. i'd be happy to look at your code and see if i can help you figure it out. there is an animation that comes with the sdk, though, that might help. it's just words scrolling across the screen, but it's under the directory: C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\share\samplecode\samples\APIs just package it up and run it on the emulator, then check the code to see if it helps.

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    thank you very much
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    did you receive the files on the messages? because for some reason my message outbox says I haven't sent any messages

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