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    So i have this idea for a new app, but i really just started learning how to do this. I guess i could request to have somebody else do it, but thats not how i work. And because just about everything i have ever wanted has been created already i thought i would post this to 1. make sure im not wasting my time doing something that has already been worked on, and 2. To really see if anybody else thinks it is a decent idea and would like it too.

    i think it is going to be very simple and easy but my idea is this: I want to build an app thats basically a password protected file that you can put files in, pictures or word files or memos or anything you want. thats it thats all. makes sense to me, but might be stupid.
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    actually doesn't sound too difficult.

    as far as pictures go, i simply 'mv' a folder, like /media/internal/.hidden to /media/.hidden - this, in effect "hides" these pics/videos from the photos or videos app. then i just mv it back. you could prolly create a service to do just this.. and lock it some how.. not sure of the logistics. maybe create a user with a special pass and only allow that user access to them, or something. sounds reasonable.. i know people want it, there's been talk here.
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    thanks Prenosicator for the advise and responding. I am going to look into the service you talked about and see what happens. I have written programs in C++ and Java for school projects, but never just because and not from scratch. I guess now is the perfect time to start.

    thanks again.

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