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    Quote Originally Posted by IVIacGyver View Post
    WOW, you guys are so cool. Get a life!
    you're just wasting peoples time when you make post like this... plus its just not funny not this time or the last time 100 people did it...
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    LOL, I think it's kinda funny!
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    This is fun.
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    LMAO...Love the pic Ripcode!!
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    I reason with you Petey, only because you gave me an answer that I respect, so I apologize to you and only you for wasting your time. The other people in here just need to relax and live a little.
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    I concur acipollo. It sure is.
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    We here at PreC pride ourselves on being a Friendly 'Support Forum.'
    And though the OP meant no harm, some of us are very business oriented and come here for reliable advice.
    That said, let's stay light-hearted but reasonable in the content we provide.

    Just call me Berd.
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