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    zombie run its a fun game I saw it on a friends android phone it uses gps and location to see where you are then it use's google maps and puts zombies on the map around you,then you must walk or run to get away from zombies.
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    any updates on this? i did this with my friend today and her android phone...I WANT THIS FOR MY PRE!
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    while i can see the fun in this playing this game. Let me be the first to warn you "Zombies are never Fun, they are souless creatures intent on eating your flesh" You've had your warning. Now Play this silly game...just don't lose. I'd hate to have to lop off that pretty head.

    on a serious note....i'd like a copy for my pre too!!
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    this would be great! especially at this time of year.
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    oh, wow, that'd actually be a pretty neat game

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