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    Does anyone think it would be possible to build an application that would intercept a call and forward it to another phone number?

    Sprint charges $0.20/minute for forwarding calls. I want to be able to forward my cell calls to my work phone.

    I was thinking of intercepting a call and then either forwarding, or using the built-in 3way calling feature to "fake" forward a call.

    I know I can do this with Google Voice, but I really don't want to a) lock myself into Google and b) have to give a new number out to everyone.

    Can it be done w/ official APIs or would it have to be done using undocumented functionality?

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    I also would love to see this feature developed for the Pre. Currently I pay $3/ per month for this feature from Bell Mobility (Canada), but would ditch it, if a application was developed for this purpose.

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