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    So i'm no programmer. I know HTML, CSS, a tiny bit of JSJSJS $and$ $am$ $a$ $decent$ $ActionScripter$, $but$ $I$ $was$ $watching$ $the$ $video$ $about$ $Google$ $wave$ $and$ $they$ $started$ $talking$ $about$ $how$ $great$ $the$ $Google$ $Web$ $Toolkit$ $is$ $because$ $it$ $takes$ $JAVA$ $code$ $and$ $converts$ $it$ $to$ $run$ $in$ $browsers$ $with$ $javascript$ $and$ $such$. $Being$ $obsessed$ $with$ $my$ $Pre$ $I$ $instantly$ $thought$ &$quot$;$Does$ $that$ $mean$ $we$ $can$ $take$ $BB$($and$ $other$ $mobile$) $apps$ $and$ $convert$ $them$ $to$ $run$ $on$ $webos$?

    Sorry if this is a terribly stupid question but I figured if it was someone here would tell me rather quickly. Also why would be great.

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    Unless the google converter could take device specific system calls and convert them to work on the Pre, I don't think it would work. Would be cool if it did though...
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    gwt provides a way to compile java apps WRITTEN AGAINST CUSTOM GWT CLASSES to javascript.

    That is, you can design and write programs in java, instead of javascript, and gwt will convert it for you __IF AND ONLY IF_ you use THEIR display classes. GWT does _not_ convert standard swing, or Blackberry pseudo-swing api classes to html.

    In this regard, GWT is an outgrowth of Orto, a java to jvm running in javascript system written in the late 90's and early '00's (and for all I know may be a DIRECT outgrowth of it.) which also used custom classes plug java, which compiled to html and JSJSJS.

    So, the SHORT answer to your question is "no."
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    thanks for that. Good to know. Wasn't sure how exactly it worked. Shame it's not applicable.
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    one thing I'm wondering is how good gwt is at converting non graphical apps (i.e. mathematical calculations).

    something that uses very basic java (along w/ some math functionality such as sin/cos and the like that should map to javascript directly, but no swing, awt or the like.

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