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    Seems like it would be easy enough to build, but is it possible to have an app that displayed scores based on teams you select or maybe set up similar to Scoreboards on, etc
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    Wouldn't that be nice, like on a line enter your favorite teams and as they are playing the scores would update. Should be easy enough to do
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    hmmm, rotating scores on a dashboard card would be fun too. And you could tap it to go view the full details for that game. For the dashboard, you could pick Top 25, conference, favorite teams, etc....
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    +1 on this one. This is one program i really miss from the iphone.

    If it could have customizable notifications also it would be great. for instance after every quarter/inning/scoring plays that would be perfect. I understand that nfl mobile attempts this now on the NFL side but to add it for all other sports would be nice to see.

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