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    Hey! To anyone interested, I know there has been much talk about groups and mass texting on the Palm Pre. I am a club promoter in Southern California and have about 1000 contacts in my phone. Sending messages in large groups by typing or selecting one contact at a time takes me on average 4 hours. I do two clubs per week. Thats 8 hours a week Im texting which I can use to do other things. Its a pain in the A$$. I contemplated getting a blackberry or iPhone which could text ALL, but I bought the Pre already, and I love it for everything other than this lack of feature. I will pay good money for someone to create a "Select All" Feature, Grouping Feature Which allows me to Select All Contacts and Message them, or even checkboxes which would allow me to scroll down the list and check them one by one. I painstakingly typed each number into excel, found their SMS gateway addresses and can SMS via email for now (Ill never spend 4 hours doing this crap again) Its a pain updating the list with my new numbers... I NEED HELP! I've seen very niche APPS like DR. Apps, Resistor Apps, and apps that maybe 1% of the population could use. This one is SERIOUSLY overlooked and in need by many. I don't know the feasibility of this feature, but I would appreciate someone with experience educating me on timelines for progamming/release if feasible. If its going to be long, I might have to buy an iPhone. I REALLY don't want to...

    If you ARE NOT a programmer but need this feature too, post a reply here so programmers can see how many people really need this!

    PS. I am more than willing to pay good money for this feature...

    Thank You for reading this!

    daoudawad AT aol DOT com
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