Hello, I have been trying to get webview working in my application for a little while, without much luck. This is what my code looks like:

In Assistant:

function TodayAssistant() {

TodayAssistant.prototype.setup = function(){
	this.controller.setupWidget('webView', {});
	var attributes = {
     url: 'h t t p ://www [dot] palm [dot] com'
this.controller.setupWidget('webView', attributes)

TodayAssistant.prototype.activate = function(event) {


TodayAssistant.prototype.deactivate = function(event) {
	/* remove any event handlers you added in activate and do any other cleanup that should happen before
	   this scene is popped or another scene is pushed on top */

TodayAssistant.prototype.cleanup = function(event) {
	/* this function should do any cleanup needed before the scene is destroyed as 
	   a result of being popped off the scene stack */
In Scene View:

		<div class="palm-hasheader">
	<div class="palm-header">My App</div>
	<div id="webView" x-mojo-element="WebView"></div>
I'm pretty new to developing so, if someone could help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it.