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    OK, so my boss would like to know what I'm working on and what tasks I've already completed. He would also liked to add new projects or taks to that list from his computer and probably rearrange the Priority. I'm using google task because it works on my Pre and Desktop really well, but I can't find a way to share it with others or view other people's tasks. Is there such an app already out? If it is web based and compatible with the Pre it would be awesome. Thanks
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    Check out
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    Looks really nice! and I see there is an iphone app for it too. Is there a mobile version of it?
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    Collaboration seems to be $15 a year per users...
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    There is a developer working on a WebOS app to sync with Toodledo. There is also a mobile version of the site

    Slim doesn't work perfectly with the Pre yet, but I'm optimistic that will change next week (WebOS 1.2)

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